Exploratory Committee

I strongly believe that Arizona's best days are ahead. While we have taken great strides in getting our state back on track, we've only just begun down the path towards fiscal stability and economic growth.

As I explore the potential of running for Governor in 2014, it's my hope that you consider joining our team.

The Bennett For Governor Exploratory Committee will be holding informal gatherings and events throughout the year so you can share your views on how we can best move the state forward.

If you would like to join our statewide grassroots volunteer army, email me at the address below.

While it seems like a long way off, my exploratory committee has already begun fundraising, scheduling events and organizing our grassroots volunteer effort. I would be honored with your support.

Thank you for allowing me to serve as your Secretary of State. Together, we'll turn today's challenges into a new era of opportunity for all Arizonans.

Ken Bennett
Secretary of State

P.S. What's YOUR opinion? I'd like to know what issues are important to you. Click the link below my email to participate in a brief survey.
1225 N. 36th Street ~ Phoenix ~ Arizona

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